The Monkey's Fart

Published by Turpial Children's Books

Sometimes irreverent, always funny. The Monkey's Fart is a serious attempt to interest children in poetry and reading. If you love reading, then you'll love this book. If you don't like reading, are a reluctant reader, or dyslexic. Then this book is still for you.

Meet Mr Grump, Lembit the Lion, The Big Galoopha, Jibbering Jim, Polly Polynesia, and a host of other crazy characters. Also features the hilarious short story; Be Careful What You Wolf For. The Monkey's Fart is a must for anyone who loves wacky poems and stories. There is even a chapter at the end to help you create your own wacky or nonsense poems. The Monkey's Fart is a must for all children, parents and grandparents looking for an unusual read.

Ideal for teachers seeking to interest children in reading and whet their appetite for poetry.

The Monkey's Fart on YPD Books.