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One of the problems that teachers have these days is to get the kids interested in poetry and writing poetry. The Monkey's Fart uses humour to demonstrate how writing poetry can be fun as well as a great way of expressing your thoughts and feelings on different issues. The book also has a section to help children write their own poems. So, it's a kind of teach yourself kit. I shall be publishing some of the poems on the site to whet the appetite and also from a forthcoming publication called: Poetry for the Wee Ones which is aimed at children up to five.

Extracts from the Monkey's Fart:

Mr Nobody

I’m a nobody

Nobody knows me

I don’t know you
And you don’t know me
How can I be?
If I don’t know who I don’t know
And who I don’t know doesn’t know me
What a funny fella
I must be

 This is a picture of me 
But nobody knows I’m here

Polly Polynesia

Polly Polynesia was a pernickety parrot
She was always picking at her food
And spitting out a carrot
‘Polly wants a cracker?’
‘Polly wants a cracker?’ they cried
But Polly Polynesia
There really was no pleasing her
She would always turn her beak aside
And cackled that she didn’t care
So, they stopped feeding her
And she died

Poor old Polly Polynesia

The Legart

The Legart is a funny looking creature
Just one eye, one leg and a giant beak its only distinguishing features
It hops about all day
Looking for seaweed and bits of hay
It stands for hours on one leg
Well, it hasn’t really any choice
Stock still
Then, should anyone unsuspecting pass by
It will lift its beak and chortle
‘Legart! Legart! Legart
And with a malevolent twinkle in its eye
It will fly-hop over its victim
Shouting ‘Goodbye.’
Yes, the Legart is a funny creature
And at night when the day is done
The Legart will stand on its head
And sleep upside down on its bed

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